Friday, September 23

Lots of Precum

Tue 9/20, 3:15 AM

“Now you younger women pay particular attention here. This is a classicmilking position, for obvious reasons. But NOTE how his swollen, throbbing cock actually DOES resemble a cow’s teat, and it can productively be milked inexactly the same way! Capture it in your hand near the root, which in his position, is with the top of your hand pressing up against his already retracting balls. Then circle firmly with your thumb and forefinger, followed by the remaining fingers, Now SQUEEZE successively from the thumb-forefinger circle down, creating a rhythmic contraction pushing from base to tip in this way!” 
As her highly skilled and practiced hand demonstrated the squeeze, the demo toy’s cock swelled and throbbed visibly in her hand as she pulled down, his leg muscles clearly tensing and he turned his head to utter something between a gasp and a moan. As her hand moved up, his cock was clearlydarker in color and seemed to have swollen in her grip. 
“Keep this up for as long as you like. With practice, you can squeeze out a considerable volume of precum and, if you like, you can milk him right through a most intense orgasm. I have often been amused by the way denied and teased men respond withgreat need to such a simple, yet highly effective cock control technique!!! Use it to your advantage!”

Thursday, September 1

Monday, August 8

New! Recordings!

You may now listen to a few recordings I have made, each with thoughtful introductions & instructions for you.        

Simply dial 1-800-863-5478      extension #0616718.

"Forbidden Fantasies" is the one with live talk, for you to talk live with me to use should you desire a  hot, fresh fetish conversation with me.      

I  am looking forward to our mutual satisfaction.    Of course, you may also choose to simply jack off while you listen to my voice.  Just keep in mind that every time you listen to my voice it will dig deeper and deeper into your mind, giving into me a little bit more each time you listen. 

Remember:  1-800-863-5478   ext. #0616718                                                   Now be a good boy.


Thursday, June 9

You DO have to scroll . . . but it should be worth your while!

DOCUMENT: DrunkCrime

Police: Drunk Driver Wore Chastity Belt

Tennessee man, 35, disclosed device at sobriety checkpoint

View Document

Chastity Belt Bust

  • Chastity Belt Bust
JUNE 9--A tipsy Tennessee man arrested last month for drunk driving told cops that he needed to retrieve a key from his automobile so that he would be able to unlock a “chastity belt that was attached to his penis,” according to court records.
In addition to the chastity belt, Curtiss Eidam, 35, was wearing a small skirt and red hosiery. He also had a ribbon tied in his goatee.
Eidam was busted at a DUI checkpoint outside Knoxville after failing a series of field sobriety tests. Eidam, who copped to drinking four or five shots in the hours before the bust, smelled of booze, was unsteady on his feet, and registered a .117 on a Breathalyzer test, investigators noted.
Upon being taken into custody, Eidam (seen above) told Sergeant Dennis Smith that “he would need a key from the vehicle he was operating.” Eidam, Smith added, then “went on to explain the key fit a chastity belt that was attached to his penis.”
Eidam told Smith that there were two keys for the chastity belt. One, he said, was on the key chain in his Toyota Tundra. The second key was on a necklace worn by Rebecka Alexander, Eidam’s girlfriend. Pictured at left, Alexander, 44, was in the car’s passenger seat and was “highly intoxicated,” according to a criminal complaint.
A second cop retrieved the key from Eidam’s vehicle and subsequently gave it to personnel at the Anderson County lockup. Sadly, thecourt filing does not chronicle how jailers handled Eidam’s chastity belt, nor is the device further described.
In addition to facing a drunk driving count, Eidam was also charged with possession of a handgun while under the influence (officers found a 9mm handgun in the Toyota’s center console).
Free on $6500 bond, Eidam is scheduled for a July 11 court appearance. An Army veteran, Eidam works as a registered nurse at a hospital in Oak Ridge, a city 25 miles west of Knoxville. (1 page

Monday, May 23


New, very easy way to make payment to me for a call or a gift:  type GiftRocket into your browser. Then click over to their Universal Gift Card page and complete the form as shown in their instructions.  Through GiftRocket  you can pay with a credit card, debit card, or bank account.
My rates to talk are $70/$90/$120 for 30/45/60 minutes.  GiftRocket will add an additional processing fee, usually $2 to $7.
I am taking a day off from Friday May 27 noon until next day Sat May 28 5PM
Also Friday June 3 9AM until Sat June 11 6PM (8 days)
So make sure to take off via GiftRocket before my time off!

Thursday, May 19

Nap time!

Wednesday, March 23

Cum on boys!
Bids are now open for this creamy white-cream-covered toy!
Email your bids to
Have fun!

Sunday, February 28


Have you ever been buried in silk?  Had it piled so high on your face that you could no longer breathe?  Especially if you had a person in silk sitting firmly on your face, on that silk?  To have that person dressed loosely in silk, loosely in order to create more silk for more parts of your body?  To have that person be me?  Ready to strip you, strap you down and then to create as much silkiness on you as possible?  And, yes, I would ORDER you to not make any form of mess on my silkiness, my silky pajamas, my silky skin.                 Pulling all that sexy, unforgettable material   slowly off of my body, wrapping it around yours, teasing, wrapping only so far with those  full, long legs of the silky pajamas . . .asking "Are you touching yourself yet?" knowing that full well your bondage keeps you from doing so.  Circling closer and closer to your arousal, watching you strain for my
touch.  I tie your cock up in the left leg of the silk pajamas and then sit on your chest 
       slowly unbuttoning each button of the shirtonly when a reward has been earned bynly when a reward has been earned by you, earned by begging in such a way that my own arousal begins to become my desire, and yours fades into the background.  Beg, slave-boy, beg for one more button, beg for one more peek at my pale breasts, my pink nipples.  Beg for permission to suck on them.  Yes, your audacity, your punishment, your pleasure, you will becomes my pleasure, becomes my will, and as I complete the unbuttoning and show you how futile your set because I am wearing pajama shorts under all of it, I feel your straining becoming my straining and as I silk-stroke you to your first orgasm and I hear your deep groan, I let loose with my own, both of us learning the true strength of silk wrapped around and against hot, heaving bodies.

What?  You want more of the pictures?  Think Amazon Gift cards, Paypal or cash.  Whatever you do don't think too very hard about it for very long!  Instead, pick up your phone and let's see what we fucking enjoy!

I love GiftRocket! Now a new way to enjoy a conversation with me. 
GiftRocket is ultra-fast and ultra-easy. Simply click over to their Universal Gift Card page and complete the form as shown in the instructions. Through GiftRocket you can pay with a credit card, debit card, or bank account.
GiftRocket will add an additional processing fee (usually $2-$7).   It's fast!

Tuesday, February 23

Ripped Tights

Ahhhhh, yes, ripped tights.  So sweet!  So much fun to shred them and then to put them up for bid and then to just sit back while wearing them and then to watch what happens.  So thank you to those  who had just as much fun as I did, congratulations to you, subby boy, you know who, who won this well-worn pair.

Add caption

Thursday, February 18

The Bidding is over!

The winner bid $125 on those ripped up still soaked  pantyhose  AND then after that a he begged for a bid of a hnb        I will write more tomorrow.  Am exhausted,

Sunday, February 14

Retired? Not me!

I hear that there are rumors that I am retired.  I think the ones who are spreading these rumors well, let's not get into that.  Have you placed your bid with my tights yet?  4 days left!  These do express my new freedom, which, yes, does tend to make a girl's pussy a bit wetter and a bit quicker to plump up,
And, do take note, I am far from retired!

So fucking good! Think sucking, sniffing, licking

So good!  Such a lovely time!  Now I want you to have a very good time dreaming about sucking and playing with my sexy pink vibrating egg . . . my favorite toy, could be your favorite toy, while you think about how much this toy makes me rock and roll.  My creamy wet toy is SO much my favorite to play with!  Vibrating at various speeds, I love playing with the penetration aspect to boot.  Oh, you want that penetration too, I can tell. You can't fool me me!

Let's play our game that focuses on penetration.  Yummm!  How about we make a bet about who
can bet the most, who can cum the most number of times AND who is betting the most on these creamy, sticky well-worn vibrators.  Think about sucking, licking sniffing these tights.  I am wearing them now . . . .  Don't be nervous.  Just inspect this toy carefully, place your bid (the higher the better) and if you are getting out bid *bid higher*!


A second and better look at the tights. 
This pic is of before I ruined them.
Are you still waiting for a pic of when they were ruined?
Almost ready, hungry boys, almost ready.

Saturday, February 13

Very Special Training Program

Had one of my submissive boys call me.  Told me he had been talking to another woman and she wanted him to "top" her.  Apparently all of their conversations had been of how he enjoyed the bottom .  She now wanted the roles reversed.  I had so many words of wisdom swim through my head at once, but my words were those of reminding him of the things we did when we played, and how that had made him feel.  I told him to simply do to her what I had done to him.
He then proved his sweet submissiveness by asking me for my permission to "top" this other woman.  I gladly granted his request, reminding him that the reason he was all twisted up with this foray into the unknown was because he was a submissive, sweet sweet submissive all the way down into his guts, his heart and his soul.  I encouraged him to call me again, to share with me the results of his experience.  When he does call, I shall punish him properly, the way that submissives want and need to be punished.  Yummmmm.  I can hardly wait for my pleasures!  I wonder how many times I'll cum.

Friday, February 12

Ruined My Fishnet Tights

Ruined them today.  Not completely, mind you, but enough. 

A few holes and a long rip.  Tasted so fucking hot to earn them.  I actually had to tie this boy down so I could take a nap.  A nice one where my thoughts began to turn to you . .thoughts of you finishing off these sexy Wolfords . . . of you being the one sucking my toes . . . of forcing my whole foot into your wide open receiving mouth.   Oh, yes, and then I started to think how much value my ripped up tights had so I ran over to my computer, posted them for sale for $75 and welcome your phone call 541-660-6696.  Shall we make it $75 or shall we send them to the highest bidder over the $75 mark?  Starting February 12, ending February 19 8 PM PST.

Now, you get to dreaming about those tights!

Square Cash will be my #1 Preferred payment method for us to use, very soon.
Square cash is a new and highly acclaimed Person-to-Person payment system. They have great reviews: video - video. And it is the quickest, simplest way to transfer cash directly from your debit card to my bank account.
There are NO transaction fees. You're not required to create an account. And if you send less than $250 per month, there are no usernames or passwords. Simply send me an email exactly as shown in the link I shall soon provide  and Square Cash will walk you through the 3-step process. It normally takes only a few minutes.  Look it up!  And very soon we can use it as a smooth method of processing debit card payments!  I shall post when all is ready to go!

Friday, January 22

January 12, 2008

One of the more important "-ing" things that I, as a Mistress, engage in when "Mistressing" is Tease & Denial. Important because of how compliant it makes you, yes. How powerful it makes me, yes again. But more importantly, how very fucking sexy it is to know that you are at the end of your rope, begging me with eyes or words for permission to cum, and I toy with you, taking my time, listening to the subtle sounds uttered by your tortured soul, not giving you release today, lying to you about how you can have it IF you are a good boy and then luxuriating in my own orgasm, forcing you to watch, to listen, to smell, never yielding to your pleas to touch. It is all so terribly, sinfully delicious! Call me at my home now 541-440-6696 in order that you might learn to more properly listen!
In Dominance ~ Mistress Vanesa

Phone Sex Phreakiness

You have to admit, on dark, dank days such as this, phone sex phreakiness is the only real cure.  Worse, at best, a temporary cure.  For me, not for you.

Thursday, January 21

Accepting Debit/Credit for Carnal Pleasures

 I am feeling so relaxed tonight.  Moreso throughout the days also.  Sitting deeply into my couch my stockings encasing my legs,  just waiting to feel those shoes being gently kissed, gently removed from my feet,  . . . anticipating.  Anticipating so very much.  Would you like to share all of those nuances one-on-one with me, an experienced professional domina?  I am now accepting debit and credit cards, making deliciously hot and sexy conversations hassle-free once again.
I am also selling personal items for your private perverted pleasures.  Let's talk.

Sunday, January 17

Ruined Orgasms Theory & Practice Varieties of Ruined Orgasmic Experience


Having trouble falling asleep at night? Need something new to mull over as you are trying to fall asleep? Afraid it might keep you awake instead of putting you to sleep? Well, enjoy the read either way!

Poor Old Mr. Penis:  Ruined Orgasm I     Many years ago during a period when I was looking for an outlet for my masochism a man who wrote me had a sadistic desire that was new to me. The guy wanted to tie me up and masturbate me to and past orgasm. The continued massaging of my penis would eventually become painful. Having been a sometimes too enthusiastic wanker I knew my penis could become sore. What an exciting idea. (Sadly he decided that he wanted to explore his own masochism and we never met.)
Ruined Orgasm II A device, finger, dildo, Aneros prostate massager is used to stimulate a man’s prostate gland. This forces him to ejaculate without having any sort of orgasm. Technically there is no orgasm involved but involunatarily mimicking the results of an orgasms is dehumanizing and humiliating. This has always struck me as a very moving experience. To have your physiological response manipulated inddependent of your actions or intenions. Ruined Orgasm iII A few years later focussing exclusively on F/m BDSM I read an entry on male genital manipulate: No lubrication is used, and the glove is not allowed to slide over the organ. At the first twitch, pulsation, or other indication of approaching orgasm, she quickly removes her hand. She does not resume the almost mechanical “Milking” for a full minute. Sixty seconds is a long time when excitement is high. It is, however, necessary to wait out the full time prior to resumption. This same routine is carried out again and again, ceasing each time that there is the slightest muscle twitch observed or suspected. During the sixty seconds that the “Milking” is not taking place, the Mistress should tell the slave how well he is doing, how much pleasure she will get from his having a dribble orgasm, how displeased she will be if he has strong contractions, how he must relax and not do anything to spoil her pleasure, etc. This, in conditioning terms, is the reinforcement stage. The grand finale is a little squirt from the cock slit, followed by his slime slowly oozing out. While this is occurring Mistress should again give positive reinforcement. … My synapses contorted themselves into new shapes when I read that. I wish I’d copied the entire, quite long, entry. The blog is long gone but it always seemed to actually be written by a woman in a F/m power exchange relationship. How profoundly humbling to have one of a man’s greatest delights so diminished, made feeble. Ruined Orgasms IV From another F/m blog: I then very quickly and vigorously, almost viciously, from behind, jerk his organ with my rubber gloved hand. He is so tense that it rarely takes even a minute before he is ready to spurt. I am watching this very closely and as soon as I note a slight start of a spasm I stop, take my hands away, step back and watch amused as he spurts, in a most frustrating fashion into his condom. I assure you there is no orgasm when this method is employed, try it yourself and see! The look of frustration, total and utter frustration, is a picture to behold. Even now after several years of this treatment, he cannot quite comprehend just how frustrating the experience is. It leaves him yearning and desiring satisfaction, dreaming of what he used to experience. He remains totally unrelieved of his sexual tensions and urges, indeed they are multiplied ten-fold as a consequence of the frustration of being so near, yet so far from an orgasm. All that has been released is his semen, not his sexual tension. This blog entry was much longer. I was rapt with helpless fascination. But clearly the account was fiction presented as truth. Perhaps only to give the story a greater sadomasochistic thrill. Ruined Orgasm Summary The \l "one" is pure S&M. The masochist’s penis is forced to endure pain. This is so much the opposite of what is expected from the genitals that it is almost shocking. The \l "two" is also pure physical manipulation of a man’s sexual organs. His power over himself is literally taken away. It seems like a species of consensual sexual assault. In the \l "three" a man is masturbated in a carefully structured manner. The goal is to elicit an orgasm without pleasure. The man’s body is pushed to climix perhaps by duration. With the \l "four" we find a man caculatingly brought to orgasm only to have the stimulation removed with cunning timing to render the orgasm pleasureless. The first and second kinds of male sexual manipulation are actually practiced. The third and four have captured the mind’s of masochistic men as the most humiliating. Especially number four. It is the kind of ruined orgasm men search the web for. The Ruined Orgasm Myth A BDSM urban legend I think. Of course I speak only with the authority of my own body. I’ve certainly had orgasms that I felt could’ve been better. I’ve had orgasms after taking my hand from my penis just a moment too soon. Sometimes I’ve had orgasms that didn’t result in ejaculation. My body still shuddered. Pleasure surged through me. Even my mildest, most flawed and least competently achieved orgasms gave me pleasure. Your can be over-masturbated to pain. Your prostate can be massaged to ejaculation without orgasm. But even the most minimal orgasm is fun.  Sleep well.
Originally posted 2011-08-28 08:20:32. Republished by ""

Friday, January 8

Feeling Scrumptious

An entire year . . . one so full, where I was so delightfully busy. Thank you, busy boys. I thank you for trusting me with your secrets and have so enjoyed creating even more. Yes, I am still enjoying calls with those of you I have always considered to be my "special boys". My phone number has not changed: 541-440-6696 Don't be afraid. Call and let's catch up!

Saturday, January 3

Your Turn, boy!

I think you need to double-check: it actually IS your turn so shut up and hop up.

Tuesday, December 23

Fetish Santa-Bear Fucking Around AGAIN!

IMAGES REMOVED 1/3/2015 is where to search for them quickly! Yes! Only one hand needed. Santa-bear, heard you went to Paris last week;  Santa-bear, let's dance right over there, over where the presents are all stacked.  I know you need my help opening the gifts you've received, Santa-Bear here is the most important one:  me in my crotchless body stocking  knowing how badly you want to tongue up my cream, unfettered by panties or tights. I love my Santa-bear!

Friday, December 19

Slave Santa

OK, here (above right) is a copy of the photo, set at 200 size, not the 50 that the upper pic is set at.  Yes, it is a body stocking I am wearing.  Oh, yes, crotchless to boot! And yes, that sexy lace weave does start in again just below my belly button and goes up to the top of the body stocking, exposing far more than Slave Santa could stand.  That's why he is going so crazy!  He says it is too easy to smell musk when crotchless, and he is suffering.  Poor baby.  Pics removed 1/3/2015

Wednesday, December 17

Yummy Gift for the Season

So what we want to know j.w., is if this is YOU!!!
Fuck!   HOT!!

Pic sadly removed 1/3/2015 . . .

Receiving this pic as a gift from someone who has known me for a rather long time, clarifies for me how much I have changed. Take a closer look toy boys. You may just find yourself in this very predicament. Worse yet, you may find yourself LOVING it!
Craving it. Needing it just as badly as you find yourself loving/craving/NEEDING Me. I do so love the way your neediness climbs, swirls, circles, climbs even more. Yum!

Wednesday, December 3

Christmas Pics Can Be So Fun

I've just been reminded of how hot my black catsuit can be when properly stretched around that ass I know many of you worship -- and yes, I do mean worship.  Isn't that what you mean when you start moaning "Oh, God . . . oh, God" as you jack completely off to my pictures, my stories, my escapades?  These pics are dedicated to you, Sal.  On your knees boy, on your knees.
Pics sadly removed 1/2/2015 Pic from this series posted on and my, my.  It did wake a few of you up!  So, yes Sal, here are the rest of those pictures in order that you might properly practice your worshipping behavior.  Don't think you don't need to practice, either, because you do!  Find me & my friends at  Write me  Call me at 541-440-6696.

Tuesday, December 2

Nap Time

REMOVED 1/3/2015

Monday, December 1

Home, sweet home!

Today is Monday, December 1 and it feels SO good to be home again!  Those of you leaving me messages, thank you, I shall return them per your windows of opportunities.  Here is hoping your Thanksgiving Holidays had plenty of kink in them!  If not, I'd be only too happy to insert some of my own brand of kink into your day, making sure you do not go without.  Now, get naked, get down on your knees and get my number properly dialed up!

Friday, November 21

The Tease ~ by "old leaking bull"

The Tease "old leaking bull"
"Don't you think it's time for you to stop working all that overtime, and get your little buns out west -- so your Mistress can play with those buns?" The sixty year old Chicago man felt a flush of arousal go to his face as he recognized the voice and laughter of Mistress VanEsa, his pleasant Oregon Mistress. He began to explain why his work had kept him from driving out to receive the relief -- and release -- his beautiful Mistress had brought him the previous summer. "Oh, I don't want to hear that drivel!", She said. "You should assert yourself. You let people walk all over you. The only person I want you to let walk all over you is Me, your Mistress. Is that understood?" "Yes, Mistress," mumbled the man.

"Now I want you to just pick a time you can drive out to see Me -- by the end of next month," said Mistress VanEsa. "Tell your boss. Don't ask him. Then, call me when it's all set. That's all. I don't want to hear any more excuses and reasons. OK?" "Yes, Mistress," responded the man. He felt a sense of relief pass over him. It seemed so easy when She suggested a course of action. He felt some courage come into his mind.

"Are you naked?" "No, Mistress." "Get naked -- now." "Yes, Mist...." "I have a treat for you tonight," said Mistress VanEsa in that affectionate, teasing way She had when playing with submissive men. She listened to the sounds the man made while undressing. She loved to hear the sound a belt buckle made as a man dropped his pants to the floor. She loved to hear the little grunts some of them made as they pulled off their socks, or a tight T-shirt. She imagined the Chicago man becoming naked. She had seen him undress for Her several times in person last summer -- "old leaking bull." Small. Some extra fat, not much. Embarrassed. Shy. He didn't seem sixty, though. She had given him his nickname after he had complained about his advancing age on his first visit. "Turn the lights out," She directed. "Lock your door. Kneel by your couch. Put your shirt on the floor in front of you. Tell me when you're ready." She waited a few seconds. She could hear the creak of the floor in the man's Chicago apartment. It thrilled Mistress VanEsa to hear and feel how easily She could control a man's movements and actions from over a thousand miles away. "I'm here, Mistress," said the man. "Naked. Kneeling. Awaiting your comm..."

"Do you know what I have on my bed?" She asked into the phone. "Do you know what I have on my bed right now?" "No, Mist...." "I have another naked man," She said, in Her softest, sexiest voice. "Don't you wish you were him?" "Yes, Mist...." "Do you know what I'm going to do to this naked man?" She asked, cutting Her Chicago submissive off again. "Do you know what I'm going to do as he kneels naked on my bed?" "No, Mis....." "I'm going to milk him!" She exclaimed. "Slow. Real slow. Does this excite you, 'old leaking bull'"? "Yes, Mis...." "And, do you know what you're going to do for your Mistress?" "No, Mist...." "You are going to listen to him as he's being milked," She teased. "He loves being milked. Makes lots of noise. And you're going to hear all of it, because I've put the other phone right down by his mouth. He's kneeling just the way you kneel -- ass high, head low." Mistress VanEsa could hear the heavy breathing of Her aroused Chicago submissive on the other end of the line as She described the scene.

"And, do you know what else?" "No, Mistress." "I'm going to listen to you masturbating into my phone," said Mistress VanEsa. "Into my ear." She laughed affectionately. She felt so powerful and in-control. "And, do you Know what else?" She continued. "No, Mistress," said the naked, kneeling "old leaking bull" in Chicago. Mistress VanEsa heard the man exhale loudly into the phone. She smiled before replying. "You're going to come when he comes," She directed. "Do you understand?" "Yes, Mistress, said the voice on the phone. "Not before." She warned. "Not after. But when he comes. When he comes, you come. Understood?" "Yes, Mistress," he replied. Mistress VanEsa thought She heard him wimper into the phone he held close to his mouth -- as he knelt in front of his couch in the dark. "Hard?" "Yes, Mist..." "So is he,"said Mistress VanEsa, with a final little laugh. Very......Ready to start?" "Yes, Mistress."______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ninety minutes later: "Very good!!", said Mistress VanEsa. "I'm proud of you! Right on time, too. Not as loud, but right on time! I'm proud of both of you." She laughed hysterically into the phone for a few seconds, then regained Her composure. "When you come out, you can switch places," She laughed. "I'll call him. You'll like that, won't you?" "Yes, Mistress," said the naked, sweating submissive in Chicago.

He sat on the couch holding the shirt he had ejaculated into a minute earlier. The man liked the way his Mistress had said "When" he comes out -- not "If." He liked the way She had said "You'll like that, won't you" -- not "You'd like that, wouldn't you." "I'll call You within a week with the dates I'll be out to see You, Mistress," said the man into the phone, boldly. "Excellent!", said Mistress Vanesa. "You're such a good boy." "Thank y....." "Now, tomorrow morning I want you to masturbate at least twice before you go to work," instructed the attractive Oregon Mistress in Her quiet but commanding voice. "Then, no more jacking off -- until I see you. I want you to store up your come until I can milk it from you. Tomorrow morning will be your last ejaculation until we see each other. Is that understood?" "Yes, Mistress." Then the sixty-year old Chicago submissive heard the dial tone.

My Scheduled Thanksgiving Holiday Dates

Just a quick heads up: I am leaving very early Wednesday,
November 26 to travel to visit loved ones for this Thanksgiving Holiday. I shall be returning Sunday, November 30. If I know you well enough to have your number in my phone directory, please feel free to leave me a message: I will be only too happy to call you back from some private corner of the home where I shall be staying. After all, you just never know when I'll call you up with a quick response to your message. Anyway, that's in 5 short days, so if you DO need to reach me, make sure you do it in a timely manner! And here is another picture taken of me, straight out of my shower into my closet, trying on yet one more outfit as I prepare for one more celebratory week-end!

Tuesday, November 11

My Plan For Today

Sleep in. Check. Drink strong, black cup of coffee. Check. Read e-mail. Check. Take a cruisey walk along the river, 2 miles Pick up fresh produce. Change into my new outrageously sexy outfit, shoes & all. Catch up on my stack of literature (i.e., porn) while curled up on my couch.   Make sure all of my toys are fully charged. Test them thoroughly.    Make sure my FAVORITE toy (you) is fully charged. Test YOU thoroughly! Hmmmmm. I wonder if that means allowing you to cum. Veterans? Yes. Not yet a vet? Allow me to inspire you.

Friday, October 31

Something Cool Very Soon

I am so excited about my new project, soon to be unveiled! It is a HUGE project, much bigger than I ever anticipated, so do keep checking and do practice patience. You're not going gonna be disappointed, subbie-boy/girl. You will actually be stuffing your belly (and your balls) quite full as you strive to fulfill your greedy hungry self. ~MsV

Tuesday, October 14

IMAGES REMOVED 1/3/2015 IMAGES REMOVED 1/3/2015 my under-construction website open today! Someone asked me just the other day which topic/fetish is my favorite one to talk about. Hmmmmmm. Let’s see: femdom tease and denial? Now that one IS indeed fun, at least for me. And it will be fun for you too once you realize and come to accept as truth this little matter about you being properly denied. Which means forbidden to cum. Yes, forbidden. Left full, wretched and somehow still hungry for more. I am always so amazed at your inability to grasp the truth, your truth. To grasp onto the fact that I may just decide that today is not your day to cum. I don’t see it circled on the calendar, do you?

Thursday, September 25

Drag Queens Fight Against Facebook

RuPaul Joins Drag Queens' Fight Against Facebook

11:00 AM PST 09/24/2014                                 
Getty Images

The social media giant is forcing users to display real names on their profiles, which isn't sitting well with the several hundred drag performers who had their accounts deactivated

This story first appeared in the Oct. 3 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.
Facebook has found itself at the center of a bitter fight with some well-heeled foes: drag performers who are livid that the social media giant has begun enforcing a policy that requires users to display real names on their profiles.
Several hundred drag queens -- and other performers who had built Facebook profiles around their stage names -- had their accounts deactivated after they were reported for failing to employ their real identities.
Opponents of the rule now are receiving support from a formidable force: RuPaul.
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"In showbiz, there's no such thing as bad publicity as long as they spell your name right," RuPaul tells THR. "But it's bad policy when Facebook strips the rights of creative individuals who have blossomed into something even more fabulous than the name their mama gave them."

Sunday, September 21

The Future of Sex?

Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. Science fiction a step closer as Oculus virtual reality headsets near release Oculus ©Reuters Oculus is closing in on the consumer release of its Rift virtual reality headset, especially since the company was acquired by Facebook. Check out the link and the pictures of the headsets already designed. Good boy! Now, call me & let me know how it would make sexual things be between you and I! ~MsV

Saturday, August 30

For All of You Brownnosers

August Specials --
Get 'em while they're hot!

Teacher’s Pet Price! Save $20! $69 (reg. $89) for 30 minutes! Attn Brown-nosers: Special valid as many times as you wish through August 2014.

90 minutes too short, 2 hours too big? An hour + 45 minutes feel just right? Take advantage of our first time ever Goldilocks Special! Book an hour at the regular price of $119 and enjoy a 45-minute extension for only $69 (reg. $99)! Special valid one time only with each counselor through August 2014.

Put your feet up Labor Day weekend and play long and hard! Save $30! Book a one-hour call for $89 (reg. $119)! Special valid one time with each phone counselor Friday Aug 29 - Tuesday, Sept 2, 2014.

Mistress Vanesa (541) 440-6696

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Thursday, August 21

My Ownership of You

IMAGES REMOVED 1/3/2015 Oh, my very favorite way to play with you!
You naked except for your leather collar &
your leash.  The leash of chain that holds you
to me . . . even if I did not hold this chain
padlocked to your sweating neck, I know
you would not stray for you prayed to
find me and are unwilling to risk losing
me.  Now, crawl!  Get right behind me and
crawl!  Keep your nose 5" from my pussy!  Did I keep
you from sniffing my sweaty panties before?  No!
But I did punish you did I not?    I know, darling one,
you do enjoy your punishments, don't you?  And on a
hot summer day I am especially certain that you will
be begging for your punishment. OK, over here
lover to this big old oak tree, right now!!
I have no patience left for you! 
Roll over! Feel these leather mittens on your hands and feel your chain now, sliding down from your collar, through your thighs, through your genitals, rendering you helpless. A few pics below of me laughing at you!

Friday, August 1

I Love My UPS Girl!

IMAGES REMOVED 1/3/2015 IMAGES REMOVED 1/3/2015 I sometimes have no idea what is in one of those brown boxes that grace my front deck upon a regular basis.  I ADORE these ropes.  Made of cotton so they do not slip.  32' long, so you have enough to complete your tie.  And red & purple to wrap you prettyFace it, we all want to play with these toys! IMG_3804.JPG" >

Wednesday, September 4

PDF for you to download & share with loved ones

Safe download for you to read, pass along, share.
Yes, I guarantee it is safe to download.
Surprisingly, it's not even pornographic so you can open anywhere!

__Download it here (.pdf)__

Wednesday, August 28

Home from San Francisco

REMOVED 1/3/2015

Yes, I am home from San Francisco. 
And am so happy to be home again! 
Sexy corset from Seattle trip of about
six weeks ago, hot skirt (Hottbonds)
found with the assistance of our own
Sera Miles, fishnets & red shoes pulled
out of  playroom wardrobe. 

Love it when an outfit comes together! 
Makes me want to get YOUR situation all together. 
You would love to be helpless under my powerfulness,
especially helpless under that metallic red skirt.  Confess!

Wednesday, July 31


THE DUTIES OF A PERSONAL CUM-WHORE By Fannie Flame The day She decided to train frankie-boy to be Her personal cum-whore was filled with wet, slick anticipation and sadistic excitement. A professional Dominatrix, Vanesa often enjoyed two or three gentlemen callers a day, and on this exquisite day, two said gentlemen had expressed to Her a need: to experience a scene involving either forced bisexuality or forced homosexuality. One of these gentlemen expressed a profound desire to eat another man’s cum in a specific manner: He wanted to kneel at His Master’s feet, hands bound helplessly behind his back, while his mouth was forcefully fucked by a cock. “You want to eat someone else’s cum already?” She had teased him. “But you just ate Mine!” She had, after all, recently sent him a pair of Her cum-soaked panties. She grinned as She fell in love with a thrilling new idea. “I’m going to send you another pair of panties to suck on,” She teased. “A pair that is completely soaked not only by My cum, but also by My personal slut-slave’s cum too. THAT shall be the first step in fulfilling your fantasy.” Her personal slave-boy had indeed been a cum slut for the last several years and She found Herself rapidly graduating him from cum-slut to cum-wehore. Suddenly, She realized, his privilege of cumming would no longer be attached to a date on the calendar, or to an action he took; rather it would attach itself to the market demand for Her panties, particularly in cases where his stickiness was desired as an adjunct to Her sweet slickness. “I have every intention of exploiting this market of cocksucker wannabes,” She whispered to frankie-boy as She began to release him from bondage. “Surely I have stumbled across what has to be the most discreet form of cock-cum-eating ever invented. “frankie-boy, get this straight.” She held his face between Her hands and looked into his fearful eyes as he lay, still bound helplessly to Her massage table. “From now on, you will only be cumming when one of My clients expresses a desire to eat another man’s cum, mixed, of course, inextricably with my juices.” She paused. “Do you understand?” “Yes, Mistress,” he responded meekly. Then he burst, his mouth spewing concerns about how sporadic that was going to be; that he would NEVER know when he would get to cum, nor how often; he begged Her: no, please no! What would happen if suddenly no one wanted to buy Her panties? “Stop your sniveling! I have already sold this pair I have on and have gotten them soaking wet with My pussy juices.” As she released his hands from their silken bonds, she continued with her instructions. “Now, we’ll just wrap these silky panties around your cock. I want you to masturbate yourself to orgasm. Please do make sure that every last drop winds up on the inside crotch of those panties.” frankie reluctantly stroked his engorged cock with the wet panties, inhaling Mistress’ ripe juices. He hated to admit how turned on he was at the prospect of suddenly being Mistress’ cum-Whore, but the size and hardness and color of his most prized possession gave him away. Watch the PEP blog for the second half of this story. (Appx 4 to 5 more days.) NOTE:  The second half has been posted. Enjoy the PEP blog!

Monday, July 29

Seattle Secrets

What?  You expected me to post a picture of me trying on corsets?  Oh, no.  No, no!  You make me laugh at the very thought. Some parts of Seattle shall forever remain my secret.

Friday, July 19

A Piss Story

Before I learned how to write with words, I expressed myself with pictures, art. My mom always made sure I had a big pad to draw on, no matter how much it cut into our meager food budget. I only got crayons once a year and relied on charcoal pencils the rest of the time to outline the creativity that crowded my mind. I drew pictures of everything I saw, including images of men peeing—stick men, holding their penises, the demarcation of pee very clear in them all. I always used a broken line to express the piss being released from their cocks. I drew pages upon pages of men taking pisses; and, of course, they were of my father, as I had never seen any other man take a piss. I must have seen him early in the morning, for all of my stick men were naked, as he would have been when I watched him first thing in the dawning light. I remember laying in the grass with my three sisters on a lazy, hot summer afternoon. We were all trying to take advantage of what little shade there was under the sole tree in our front yard. It did not occur to me to hide my peeing stick men from my sisters as we crammed closer and closer together under the shade of that tree. It never occurred to me that there might be something “unacceptable” about my artwork. After all, wasn’t my artwork merely a reflection of my world? I did not realize how provocative my art was, until all of my sisters began pawing through the pages of my notebook, exclaiming over and over again: “I’m going to tell Mommy!” and “I’m going to tell Daddy!” They grabbed my precious art pad, and with it, my delicious fantasies of men holding their cocks in place while they pissed. To this day I am fascinated by piss play. The play I participate in does not involve a penis being held aloft, however. My delectable fantasies of men and piss, rather, involve the man being pissed on and, moreover, being pissed on by me—and pissed in as well. Ah yes, now my stick men are real and completely comply with my orders. “Lie still!” I command before I piss in your mouth. I love to bark orders, to use my booted foot to move your body into compliance. To slowly walk up your body, one foot on either side of you, letting loose with a stream of hot piss as I reach your groin. To watch your cock bounce around under the jet of wetness as I slowly continue my stroll toward your face. I stop the flow of urine as I pass up through your torso, only to let it loose again once you’ve obeyed my order to open your mouth. To not swallow. And then I squat about halfway down to show off my fountainhead as I fill your mouth to its lips. I cut off the flow once again and stare into your eyes, which are also full—with desire. I love how the fullness of piss in your mouth matches the fullness of humiliation in your eyes. Do know that I shall describe out loud to you exactly how aroused I can tell you are from having a woman piss on you, piss in you. Do know that I shall let you know exactly how fucking perverted I think you are. Swallow. Humiliation, arousal, piss, humiliation, arousal. My experience is much more direct: arousal, arousal, arousal. Do know that I will sit all the way down on your mouth, fill it with the last drops of my piss, and order you to lick me clean like a good piece of toilet paper.

Tuesday, August 25

How to Reach Me

Lately, I have been contemplating how very much time I am spending in cyberspace, and how very thin I am spread in that arena. I belong to so many fetish/Domina/submissive domains I have to write down what the domain is, my user handle and my password. I simply cannot remember them all. Furthermore, I find myself doing things half-assed in order to keep up with all of this, and those of you who know me know that I am extremely detail-oriented and enjoy the concept of completeness.
To stay in touch with my activities, my schedules, my personal experiences, follow this blog. Anchor yourself into it as the only portal into my life, as soon it shall be.
I am in the process of carving out my own niche here and will no longer be updating any other places you might find traces of me.
No, not good-bye. I enjoy what I do FAR too much for that.
Simply choosing real-time activities over cyberspace maintenance activities.
You are always welcome to e-mail me,
You are always welcome to enjoy updates to my website,,
And as always, you are more than welcome to call me at my home telephone number: 541.440.6696
I guess I learned more at that fetish camp-out last week-end than I knew!
Good-bye unending numbers of hours on the computer.
Hello to unending hours of actual real-time play, especially in these next few months. Outdoor bondage is something to behold!
Thank you for following, for staying close. I look forward to all the new real-time adventures I now have the freedom to embrace. As for you, embrace your fetish, your pleasure, your adventure! I look very much forward to hearing all about it.
In Dominance,
Mistress Vanesa

Friday, August 7

"Vintage Vanesa"

Today I dug out some of your fav pics from 2001, the year this all started! I actually figured out how to make a video of those pics, one with the old-fashioned reels of film. Just seemed to suit the theme! I have this video posted at YouTube now, so go check it out! My "handle" on YouTube is "MistressVanesa" and is very easy to search for. Let me know what you think, boys and girls, as I am considering doing one for 2003 next . . . a very, very interesting year! Oh, but I do get ahead of myself: 2002 would have to precede 2003, of course!
I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have touched my life. I am grateful for all that I have learned; for all that you have taught. Thank you also for following my blog, for following me on Twitter, and most of all, for picking up your phone just to say hi. In Dominance, Mistress Vanesa